Excellence Wins!

Happy New Year and the start of a new decade. What goals did you set for yourself and your company? A new big sales goal? Landing a new client? Creating or launching a new product? Well, unfortunately, the team and I at smadatek didn’t do any of that. Nope. We did something more powerful. Something […]

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Spammers are Getting Smarter – Be Careful Not to Fall for It

According to researchers, email has become the prime attack vector for cyber criminals because
traditional exploits have become are increasingly ineffective. New spamming techniques combine to increase the chances of a successful attack by up to 16.5%. Click rates have risen from 13.4% at the end of 2017 to 14.2% in just half a year which shows just how effective spammers have been.

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More Than 80% Of Security Breaches Are Caused By Phishing Attacks, Is Your Organization Prepared?

From the massive consumer data leak at Equifax to the state-sponsored infiltration of Kaspersky, high-profile security breaches hit almost every major industry in 2017. These incidents act as a reminder that even large corporations are failing to deal with clear deficiencies in their digital practices. While software vulnerabilities and improperly configured cloud services have grabbed headlines […]

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