Tech Support Modernized

Technology is accelerating in complexity, but is your current IT support stuck in 2005? Hoping for someone to answer your call or waiting days for a an email response doesn't work for today's modern business. 

The Nemesis of Technology

Downtime. Technology is great until it goes offline and then it gets expensive; missed deadlines, increased labor costs, and lost sales. How much does a day of downtime cost your business? 

Are you ready to trust us?

We've been working with Smadatek for quite a few years now. Their staff has ALWAYS been extremely accommodating and quick to adjust to our infrastructure changes [even when I throw them some curveballs]. The team is also very fast at learning new processes and technology. They've helped us install some new spam filters and also help us take care of our network. I can honestly say that I would be completely under water without their continued services.

— Shane Johnson

I have worked with and trusted the team at Smadatek with our IT management for the last 3 years and have never once had a single complaint. They are extremely efficient and knowledgeable, even in answering my questions that probably make little to no sense. Whenever I've had an issue they have been quick to respond and fix whatever I have needed, in addition to being proactive and keeping everything up to date and running smoothly. Justin & Shez have really gone the extra mile for our team and there's nobody else I can imagine trusting with our IT needs. Thank you guys for being you and being the best at what you do!

Linsay Wallace

Smadatek is excellent in everything that they do. Most tech support providers are painful to deal with, not Smadatek. They are knowledgeable, helpful, accommodating, and always put the focus on the client above all else. I would recommend their services to anyone that needs advisory, support, really anything. They do it all, and they do it exceptionally well.

Jesse Barker

Tech Support Resilience

One IT person can't support your business. What if your IT support was a team of five experts dedicated and proactively working to keep your business technology fast and secure? 

A Single IT Person Can't Respond Fast Enough Anymore!

Computers, Servers, Applications and the Internet are complicated and Your Business Needs a Help Desk Team of Experts on which you can Consistently Rely.

Network Admin

Managing your cybersecurity, Internet, and WiFi

System Admin

Keeping your desktops, laptops, and servers running fast and secure

Mobile Admin

Managing your Apple & Windows phones & tablets

Hardware Repair Tech

Maintaining & repairing your desktops, laptops, and servers in-house

Project Manager

Managing your internal and external growth to stay within budget and on time

Onboarding Admin

Setting up your new team member fast so they can get to work!

Help Desk Support Team

Answering your calls within three rings and your emails within 30 minutes


Providing you with guidance and expertise regarding IT integration and scalability

Procurement Specialist

Making sure you have the right computers and other technology

Custom Technology Support Plans

Support and PC protection starting at $25/month

(Per employee)

Desktop Support (Windows/Mac OS)

Managed Security

Managed Antivirus

Advanced Ransomware Detection

Are you an IT manager looking for a more reliable and cost effective technology support team?

We understand that hiring and managing technical people is difficult. We don't want your time spent on constantly hiring and training. We help you do what you were hired to do. Smadatek can help you with:

Help Desk




Is your business on the cusp of deciding if you need to hire an IT Director?

We know this a challenging dilemma as your business begins to grow and your technology needs become more complex. Smadatek can provide you with:

Help Desk Support Team

Professional Consulting

Advanced Infrastructure

Onboarding Admin

Procurement Specialist

Project Manager

Call TODAY to get a quote for your Custom Technology Support Plan!

The Price for Great IT Support

Now! Fast and reliable tech support is both available and attainable. Every business has different priorities and we'll build a custom technology support plan that fits your budget.  



FREE Consultation

We provide a deep review of what's working and not working so we can provide a custom technology support plan to help you grow.



Seamless Migration

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime, keeping your employees online to take care of your clients.



Same-Day Support

You call. We answer. You email. We respond. You have a problem. We fix it. It's that easy!

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