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smadatek has proven to be a trustworthy partner for CPAs, by answering the phone within 3 rings and quickly solving problems.

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I recently moved to Boise along with my business. I was recommended to Smadatek and I am extremely happy I decided to work with them. Their level of support is terrific and far exceeds the support I had before, that I thought was good. Their response time is excellent. They have worked with us and been proactive in helping with security issues, backup solutions with my onsite server, setting up a VPN and especially helpful dealing with CenturyLink. Every interaction I have had with the people at Smadatek has been friendly, and has exceeded my expectations. They have definitely been a 5+ star company for us in every way.

— Glenn Wallace

The guys at Smadatek are so great at what they do. They respond quickly with real solutions - and have never said, “Try rebooting your computer.” We use them for everything from phones to computer security and no matter who I talk to, I get real results. When employees can’t work, my mind goes to, “What is this costing? Will employees be able to stay late or come in outside their normal schedule? Will I have to pay overtime? Or, even worse, if this keeps happening will my customers – or employees - get frustrated and go somewhere else?” Of course, I’ve had years of not worrying about that.

— Jalene Greer

I am typically skeptical of using outsourced IT for anything beyond projects and security. After working with Smadatek I am convinced that this company is a game changer in the outsourced IT arena. They consistently give our company quick response and top expertise on everything from simple desktop support to systems engineering, security, hardware, software updates, even the phone system. The technicians and engineers at Smadatek are friendly. They take time to know employees and their systems. Hiring Smadatek has proven to be cost effective. They do a great job and I know I can count on them.

— Steve Konkol

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smadatek has proven to be a trustworthy partner providing fast and reliable tech support to CPAs & Tax Practitioners.

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