Business Growth vs. Progress

Is your business too focused on growth?  

Is growth actually paralyzing your business?  Here are 3 books to help you change your focus from growth to progress. 

A simple question ‘is your business growing?’ is easy to answer with all kinds of metrics: sales/revenue, market share, new clients, and etc. Objective.  

A more powerful question should be ‘is my business progressing?’ 

Just my thoughts on why businesses say they are about relationships on the outside but all about the transaction behind the office walls.

This is a common conversation in our organization and the vision we very often reference: 

Technology is what we do, not who we are.

Chris Adams

Chris Adams, President Adams Technology Group, Corp. My companies are smadatek: managed IT & consulting; smadaLabs: computer sales & service; and smadaPro: customer service consulting.