Culture in the workplace has become cliché!

The word “culture” is a frequently misused, trendy term that usually lacks clear definition. “Culture” is much more than just a marketing term. It’s a powerful concept that, when correctly understood and intentionally applied, creates boundless possibilities for you, your staff and your customers.

Culture is who your company REALLY is.

Culture is what we say and do within our workplaces, both among our staff and with our customers. If you clearly define your culture and commit intentionally to strategies that strengthen and grow it, your business will set itself apart.

An intentional and healthy culture should be magnetic. How are we attracting not only good employees but also great customers? How does culture provide an incredible sales advantage? Shouldn’t culture ensure incredible customer service and promote innovation? How will that manifest higher sales and increase market share and shareholder value?

Let’s take it one step further…

Businesses have the opportunity — and arguably the responsibility — to provide a culture that fosters personal growth and development whenever possible.

For the month of February I’m putting together a 3-part series on workplace culture and how powerful it can be in moving our businesses and communities forward. I’ll provide a few operational strategies that smadatek practices to ensure our workplace culture keeps us competitive, innovative, healthy and continues to help our staff grow as leaders.

Read Part 1 here!

Chris Adams

Chris Adams, President Adams Technology Group, Corp. My companies are smadatek: managed IT & consulting; smadaLabs: computer sales & service; and smadaPro: customer service consulting.