Excellence Wins!

Happy New Year and the start of a new decade. What goals did you set for yourself and your company? A new big sales goal? Landing a new client? Creating or launching a new product?

Well, unfortunately, the team and I at smadatek didn’t do any of that. Nope. We did something more powerful.

Something we can do every day. Something that everyone can do. Something that will help us bring on new customers and continue to take really good care of the ones we have. Something that will help us launch our new products and services.

The team and I simply set an intention. An intention to keep each other accountable. An intention we can celebrate when achieved and identify and fix when not.

And, what’s crazy is this intention will help a teammate change and grow in their personal lives. In their family, spouse, kids and parents. At their church. With their friends. Everywhere!

Setting an intention puts the team in alignment. It’s the answer to all the questions… especially the hard ones.

It’s the rally cry for celebration and accomplishment.

The intention our Company; Adams Technology Group, Corp. and the smadatek team are taking into 2020 to totally rock.


Excellence ALWAYS wins! Think about that. How can it not?

And, please consider the grammar because it is very significant.

Excellence is the state of being. Not excellent… not past tense. Am I being excellent right now… in the moment. Powerful.

This picture reflects the kick off of our intention. The entire team dressed in excellence for our black tie dinner and celebration. Setting the tone for what we get to do in 2020 as a team. It’s our culture.

Forget the goals. Forget the resolutions. Set an intention. Rally your team.

Excellence Always Wins!

Cheers, CA

Chris Adams

Chris Adams, President Adams Technology Group, Corp. My companies are smadatek: managed IT & consulting; smadaLabs: computer sales & service; and smadaPro: customer service consulting.