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Business Growth vs. Progress

Is your business too focused on growth?   Is growth actually paralyzing your business?  Here are 3 books to help you change your focus from growth to progress.  A simple question ‘is your business growing?’ is easy to answer with all kinds of metrics: sales/revenue, market share, new clients, and etc. Objective.   A more powerful question […]

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The Customer Experience

Hello there! My name is Chris Adams, president of smadatek. In this quick video, I’m going to talk about: How do your customers experience customer service? The main thing I want to talk about is customer service isn’t just a department or a phone number or an email. Customer service is the entire culture of […]

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Three Components of Personal Growth

Hello everyone. Chris Adams here, and this topic today, is three stages of personal growth. It could be three stages, maybe stages isn’t the right word, but there are definitely three components of growth that I think are important for leaders. The thing for me is, I talk a lot about leadership, I talk a […]

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